Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Autumn Blossom

Just before Christmas someone from North Wales/Snowdon saw my 'Robots' on this blog and commissioned me to do a painting for them. She didn't know what she wanted so I imagined her on the top of Snowdonia, looking at a butterfly, just before the Welsh rain began to pour.

HB Pencil (with the back shaded ready for transferring to cartridge paper).

Airbrush, Water Colours, Gouache, Coloured Pencils and Black Ink.
Let's just say that the customer was very happy with the end result.

Christmas 'E' card.

I am a big believer in saving the trees and I don't think Christmas cards should be bought and posted/mailed, anymore. Emailing a self created piece of art work is more personal to me, rather than hand making a card.

HB Pencil and Photoshop.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The 'Well-Wisher' Dragon.

For this display sculpture I didn't have any brief or designs. A close friend from Wales wanted a 'Red' Dragon in a display case so it was easier for cleaning. I thought of her as a young girl meeting a Dragon...
I did two quick 'doodles', bought a case (with base) and sculpted the top half of the Dragon. I then roughed out the ground area on the base. I used flat colours to determine the final, airbrushed shadows, by playing with the source of light.
I then made the Daisies, Ladybirds and Mushrooms.
Once I was happy with the main sculpt I airbrushed, dry-brushed, detailed and varnished it.
Painting up the base, grass, tree stump and adding pond, plants and Ladybirds.
The Dragon fully fixed/tied down to the base.
*Note: This sculpture is 'yet to be completed'. I am in the process of sculpting the 'child sculpt' of which I will add more photos, when finished.

Saturday, 21 September 2013


I did this illustration of a couple of my Robot characters. A father and son who don't have enough time.
Robots painted with Watercolours. Background painted with Photoshop.
I sculpted three of my Robot characters for a display case:

Sculpted using Super Sculpey and Milliput. Painted with Acrylics.
Approximately 32cm wide, 13cm high, 16cm deep.


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Twitter Art Challenge

An Artist from Pixar Animations put out an art challenge on Twitter. The brief was to sketch four story panels relating to the word 'Rejection'. As he works for Pixar I thought this would be appropriate. Here is my quick-sketch entry.
HB pencil and Photoshop.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Move and he'll drop it!!

I'm intending on writing/developing a game idea with many of these characters.

Pencil sketch. Painted in Photoshop.
4B pencil, cotton buds and lighter fluid.

Junior Dredd.

After recently seeing the new film trailer for 'Judge Dredd' it took me back my childhood when I saw an illustration of 'The Big-man' on a cover of 2000AD. But no-matter what, I'm pretty sure that if I'd cut up a bucket and got me head stuck in it, my parents then having to take me to A&E to get it removed, my parents would have become 'Judge, Jury and Executioner'. So this image is of me (if I'd been allowed to do it). I probably would have made his gun from an empty toilet roll.

Sketched in Pencil. Painted in Photoshop.