Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Autumn Blossom

Just before Christmas someone from North Wales/Snowdon saw my 'Robots' on this blog and commissioned me to do a painting for them. She didn't know what she wanted so I imagined her on the top of Snowdonia, looking at a butterfly, just before the Welsh rain began to pour.

HB Pencil (with the back shaded ready for transferring to cartridge paper).

Airbrush, Water Colours, Gouache, Coloured Pencils and Black Ink.
Let's just say that the customer was very happy with the end result.

Christmas 'E' card.

I am a big believer in saving the trees and I don't think Christmas cards should be bought and posted/mailed, anymore. Emailing a self created piece of art work is more personal to me, rather than hand making a card.

HB Pencil and Photoshop.