Thursday, 26 September 2013

The 'Well-Wisher' Dragon.

For this display sculpture I didn't have any brief or designs. A close friend from Wales wanted a 'Red' Dragon in a display case so it was easier for cleaning. I thought of her as a young girl meeting a Dragon...
I did two quick 'doodles', bought a case (with base) and sculpted the top half of the Dragon. I then roughed out the ground area on the base. I used flat colours to determine the final, airbrushed shadows, by playing with the source of light.
I then made the Daisies, Ladybirds and Mushrooms.
Once I was happy with the main sculpt I airbrushed, dry-brushed, detailed and varnished it.
Painting up the base, grass, tree stump and adding pond, plants and Ladybirds.
The Dragon fully fixed/tied down to the base.
*Note: This sculpture is 'yet to be completed'. I am in the process of sculpting the 'child sculpt' of which I will add more photos, when finished.

Saturday, 21 September 2013


I did this illustration of a couple of my Robot characters. A father and son who don't have enough time.
Robots painted with Watercolours. Background painted with Photoshop.
I sculpted three of my Robot characters for a display case:

Sculpted using Super Sculpey and Milliput. Painted with Acrylics.
Approximately 32cm wide, 13cm high, 16cm deep.