Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Angry Kid

Whilst working at Aardman as Model Maker on Angry Kid series 1, the Director, Darren Walsh asked if I would write a few episodes. I wrote and did storyboards for 27 episodes in 1 weekend. 1 episode was accepted.

Some of the many faces of Angry Kid:

Here is the episode we made which I based on a childhood experience between my sister and myself.

Angry Kid is ©Aardman Animations.


  1. Wherec can I purchase a Angry Kid mask please asap?

  2. Unfortunately, the masks aren't for sale. I sculpted them individually, vacuum formed each face and they were 'mass-painted' to keep the skin colour continuity. The hair method is Top-secret! ;-)

  3. Yes please I have been looking for one for years, been told my impression is spot on, would be brilliant to take to parties. I would happily pay for one :-)

  4. Hello guys! Many many thanks for making this genious cartoon. Any chances to season 3?)