Sunday, 22 April 2012

World Wildlife Film

Another Aardman project that I worked on was the World Wildlife Fund film. It was created to teach younger people about the importance of Biodiversity. I was allocated to create a Beluga Whale. It was a tricky puppet to make as the replacement mouths were very large in comparison to the Whale (lots of smoothing  plasticine in between shots).

Here is the original colour drawing created by the Director, Luis Cook:

A couple of shots of me sculpting the replacement mouths and doing an animation test to make sure they worked. The other replacements were kept in the fridge to stop them from melting under the studio lights:

An Assistant Producer put this image together in Photoshop to see if how the puppet would look in a hospital scene:

On the green-screen set. Me, The Whale and the fantastic Animator Mr Terry Brain (Creator of 'Trap-Door' and 'Stop It and Tidy Up'). Terry did a brilliant job animating this huge lump of clay!!:

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